The Pet Factor Podcast - Episodes 1-25

Listen to our weekly summary of what's new in veterinary medicine, pet news, pet health and wellness.

Hosted by Dr. Jim Hosek and Vet Tech Brittney Reaves.

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Here are links to our first 25 episodes

Episode 025 Hip and Elbow Dyplasia - Part - We finish our two-part series on elbow and hip dysplasia discussing treatment options. In pet news, the story behind the WeatherTech Super Bowl Ad and the Hero Vet Awards. We have an update in case of the week, and tech tips focuses on adopting senior cats.

Episode 024 Groundhog's Day Special - Sit back and enjoy a few of our favorite groundhog jokes.

Episode 023 Hip and Elbow Dysplasia - Part 1 - We start Part 1 of our dive into elbow and hip dysplasia talking about what it is, the causes, and how we diagnose these diseases. In Pet News, the AAFP releases new guidelines for retroviruses in cats, Alaska Airline helps train guide and service dogs for air travel, and a study tries to determine if punitive training makes dogs pessimistic. Rosie is our case of the week and Brittney has tips about living with a senior dog.

Episode 022 Ear Hematomas in Pets · We explain the reasons pets get ear hematomas, and how they are treated. In Pet News, a study shows some parrots are selfless, Millennials chose their pet’s health car over their own, and early exposure to dogs as children, helps decrease incidence of mental illness. Also, our case of the week and in Tech tips we talk dog parks.

Episode 021 Hepatic Lipidosis in Cats · We discuss fatty liver or hepatic lipidosis in cats. Why cats are affected and the causes and treatment. In pet news vets warn about fake CBD products, the AKC approves 2 new breeds, and the AVMF helps out Australian Veterinarians. Also, our Case of the Week, Tech Tips on picking the right cat carriers.

Episode 020 Addison's Disease in Pets: We discuss Addison’s Disease in pet, a deficiency of the adrenal glands. In Pet Health News we check out Finding Rover, a Facial Recognition App for dogs, a new Oral Flea Preventative coming for cats, and Common renal Toxin in dogs. Also, our Case of the Week and Tech Tips on foot care for your dog in winter.

Episode 019 Cushing's Disease in Pets: The Pet Factor hosts detail the causes, diagnosis and treatment of Cushing’s Disease in pets. Our Pet Health News segment features a strange dental case, Top Ten Dog and Cat Names, and why cats attack. We also present our case of the week, and in Tech Tips, how to pick the right dog breed.

Episode 018 Hyperthyroidism in Cats: We talk about Hyperthyroidism in cats, the causes, diagnosis and treatment. In Pet health news we report on a warning about an infection from pet store puppies, a study to identify cat whisperers, and research on preventing stress in your dog. There is also our case of the week and Tech Tips for holiday decorations.

Episode 017 Christmas Special: Enjoy some laughs with The Pet Factor Christmas Special. Happy Holidays from the Staff of Merrick Animal Hospital 

Episode 016 Hypothyroidism in Dogs: We discuss the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism in dogs. In pet health news we pass on an FDA warning about topical pain medications, a cat food recall, and a dog exposed to toxic mushrooms in his own yard. We also have our case of the week and tech tips on using harnesses for walking your dog.

Episode 015 Pancreatitis in Pets: We talk about Pancreatitis in Pets, including how to diagnose, treat, and prevent. In Pet Health News, A cure for FIP, The Dog Aging Project and a Koala Sniffing Dog. Learn about visiting pets in Tech Tips.

Episode 014 Diabetes in Dogs: In this episode, we talk about diabetes in dogs, how it differs from cats, diagnosis and treatment. Our Pet Health News segment includes an unusual genetic disease in a German Shepherd, a diet to make cats less allergenic, and a study to measure the moods of dogs with arthritis. Plus our case of the week, and Tech Tips on bathing your dog in the cold weather.

Episode 013 Thanksgiving Day Special: Enjoy some Holiday Laughs with the hosts of The Pet Factor.

Episode 012 Diabetes in Cats: Dr. Jim and Brittney talk about diabetes in cats, what to look for and expect if your cat is diagnosed. Pet health news including new products, an overseas bone marrow transplant for a dog with cancer, and a cat food recall. Cheddar is our case of the week and in Tech Tips, we discuss choosing the right leash.

Episode 011 Joint Supplements For Pets: The what, why and when of Joint Supplements for pets. How dogs can save your lives, literally and how one owner helped a canine warrior suffering from PTSD. Our case of the week and on Tech Tips we talk about pilling your pet.

Episode 010 Spaying and Neutering: The what, why and when of Spaying and Neutering. Pet Health news including new products and the 2019 Hambone awards from Nationwide Pet Insurance. Our case of the week, Theo, and Tech Tips on dealing with car sickness in pets.

Episode 009 Wellness Lab Test: Why we recommend them and what they tell us. Pet Health News, Winter pet Tips.

Episode 008 Dental Care in Pets: We cover the what and why of preventative dental care and cleanings in pets, pet health news, Case of the Week and Tech Tips on getting your pet used to having their teeth brushed.

Episode 007 External Parasite Prevention: We discuss flea and tick prevention, how to avoid dog bites with children, our case of the week and Tech Tips on how to keep your dog from chewing up your home.


Episode 006 Internal Parasite Prevention: Canine Cancer Vaccine, New Treatment for Parvovirus, Case of the Week, and Tech Tips on Prong Collars: Pros and Cons.

Episode 005: Annual Parasite Testing: Feline Obesity, Cat Diabetes as a Model for Humans, MUE in Dogs, Case of the Week, Tech Tips on Enriching Your Cat's Life.

Episode 004: Feline Vaccines: New Monoclonal Antibody for Arthritis Pain in Pets, Focused Cardiac Ultrasound for Early Detection of Heart Disease in cats, Lead Contamination in Backyard Chickens, Case of the Week: Maude, Tech Tips on Reducing Stress for your Cat's Visit to the Vet.

Episode 003: Canine Non-Core Vaccines: K9 Courage Program, Lungworm in the UK, Empty The Shelters Promotion, Case of the Week, Tech Tips on Nail Trims.

Episode 002: Canine Core Vaccines: What, Why and When, new cancer treatment for dogs, Mystery disease affecting dogs in Norway, Case of the Week, What foods to avoid with your pets.

Episode 001: Proheart 12: Cat Allergy Vaccine, Toxic Algae, Woman Shelters 97 dogs from Hurricane Dorian in her home, Tech Tips on Ear Care, Case of the Week.The Pet Factore Podcast - EPsideo

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