Veterinary diagnostics are invaluable tools that provide our doctors with the ability to learn what’s happening inside your pet’s body so that we can quickly and accurately address the problem and get your companion back on the road to good health again as soon as possible.

Radiology (X-Ray)

We offer state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment. It not only allows us to get images in seconds, but reduces the radiation exposure to your pet and allows us to share images with specialists.

Ultrasound Imaging

We use ultrasound to complement x-rays for evaluating the internal organs. It is essential to look for bladder stones and tumors and can help us get minimally invasive biopsies of the internal organs, especially the liver. We also offer ultrasound consultations with veterinary radiologists and internal medicine specialists.

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory allows us to obtain results from a wide variety of diagnostic tests in a matter of minutes, providing for quick assessments off our critically ill patients. We also can do same day pre-anesthesia testing and routine screening for intestinal and blood-borne parasites.

Dental Radiography

We believe that every pet should have a complete set of dental x-rays when getting their teeth cleaned. It is the only way to find certain dental problems that can be causing significant pain for your pet and correctly assess whether a tooth must be extracted or can stay. We have a digital dental x-ray system that let's us get the images we need in minutes

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