Our Veterinarians

Meet our amazing Vets:
  • Nathan Horowitz

    Dr. Nathan Horowitz was born in the suburbs of Boston and grew up there, hanging out at a lake and helping take care of cats for a local rescue group. In his mid-teens, his family relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where there is no lake but still plenty of opportunities to work with animal rescue. He was homeschooled through high school, spent a gap year abroad, then studied bioethics at American Jewish University in Los Angeles. While in L.A., he did volunteer work at an animal shelter and found a feral mom cat with 3 kittens living under the house he was renting. One of those kittens still lives with his parents.

    In 2013, he entered the University of Illinois veterinary medicine program. This was not a big surprise to anyone who watched him grow up and had the opportunity to see his deep empathy for animals. One of the family cats, Kaylee, joined him at school. Kaylee was soon joined by River and Zoe, forming a formidable feline triumvirate. While practicing veterinary medicine in the Chicago suburbs, he also adopted Saffron, a Golden Retriever/Setter mix, thus giving him an excuse to take long walks every day.

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  • Julie Lihosit, DVM

    Dr. Julie Lihosit grew up in Willow Springs, IL and always had a love for animals at an early age. She grew up with a cat during her childhood named Sally. She then went to Nazareth Academy in La Grange Park for high school. As she reached the end of her high school career, Sally had gotten sick and eventually passed away. Sally's memories had stuck with her and helped motivate her to continue her journey to become a veterinarian one day to help as many future cats and dogs as possible that eventually would become sick. She completed her undergraduate degree with a major in Animal Sciences and a minor in Chemistry in 2015 at the University of Illinois. She then graduated veterinary school from the University of Illinois in 2020. Dr. Lihosit now has 4 wonderful cats: Luna, Sam, Sunny, and Lila.

  • James Hosek
    In Loving Memory
    Dr. Hosek has worked at Merrick Animal Hospital since 1984 and has been the owner since 2008. He also has a house call practice on the north side of Chicago, and spent several years doing relief work in and around the Chicago area.
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