James Antonicic

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James Antonicic
Born and raised in Westmont, Dr Antonicic has always been drawn to animals. Besides the family pets of a dog, a cat, and a rabbit, he would become the temporary guardian of garter snakes caught in the field, tadpoles caught in the pond, and anything else his mother would let him bring in the house. While studying biology at Illinois Wesleyan University and considering a possible career in ecology, he decided that veterinary medicine was a far better fit for his passion for animals. From there, he went on to veterinary school at the University of Illinois, graduating in 1994 and returning to the western suburbs to begin practice in a clinic that treated dogs, cats, and all manner of exotic animals. Exotic animal medicine remains one of Dr. Antonicic’s favorite pursuits. He enjoys the challenge of treating these unique pets, and has worked with birds, snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, prairie dogs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, and the occasional chicken. Not only does he make sure the pet is healthy, but he makes sure the owners know all the food and housing choices needed to keep these pets from needing to come see the vet too soon!

Dr. Antonicic also enjoys surgery, ultrasound, and is intrigued by and continues to learn about adjunctive therapies. When not taking care of clients and their pets, Dr. Antonicic spends his time in the city of Chicago, soaking up the urban verve of concerts, theater, museums and restaurants. He enjoys reading, cooking, bicycling, photography and taking classes to keep his French up to date. He has been known to attend the occasional yoga class when his wife, Jenni, guilts him into taking one of her classes. At some point he would like to get back to learning the Argentine tango. Dr. Antonicic and his wife also enjoy traveling together, especially internationally. Two years ago they both took a sabbatical and traveled around the world, stopping in Fiji, Australia, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, France, and Ireland. Dr. Antonicic is indentured to two cats, Sassella and Quintus. While both are calico, Sassella is bold and sassy while Quintus is petit and demure. Both are equally lovable.

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