James Hosek

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James Hosek
In Loving Memory
Dr. Hosek has worked at Merrick Animal Hospital since 1984 and has been the owner since 2008. He also has a house call practice on the north side of Chicago, and spent several years doing relief work in and around the Chicago area.

At one point, Dr. Hosek was able to spend 6 months working at a veterinary practice in Georgetown, Grand Cayman in the British West Indies. He has had a strong interest in veterinary medicine since high school and has always loved cats in particular.


Dr. Hosek majored in Animal Science at the University of Illinois before starting Veterinary School in 1984. It was during his time in vet school that he discovered his love for feline medicine and the special way that he is able to connect with cats. He likes to help all animals and make sure they are able to enjoy as healthy a life as possible. In addition to his practice of general medicine and preventative care, Dr. Hosek is credentialed in stem cell therapy.


Dr. Hosek has been married since 1997. His wife is a practicing OB/GYN in Chicago and their two boys are active in cub scouts and boy scouts, love to design new Lego creations, playing computer games and Magic, The Gathering (with their dad!). The Hosek household is made complete with two cats: Sonyonia, a female black short hair born in 2005 and Hedwig, a boy brown tabby from a litter found by the doctor’s sister-in-law under her back porch in 2012 . The cats have adopted the Hosek’s sons and become a much loved part of the family. Sonyonia sticks with their older son, preferring to sit on the backs of chairs and sofas and stare down over her domain. Hedwig hangs out with the younger boy and is amazed with how his cats toys seem to move by themselves when he hits them.In addition to his passion for veterinary medicine, Dr. Hosek has been interested in gardening, woodworking and writing for as long as he can remember. He has a small greenhouse in his backyard that lets him extend his gardening season. His wood shop turns out plenty of pinewood derby cars for the cub scouts every year as well as a dozen or so major projects over the years. Dr. Hosek has also been fortunate enough to have a short story published in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Magazine and his first novel, “A Really Good Day” is available on Amazon.com. He is currently working on a second novel about a house call vet who practices in Chicago.Dr. Hosek is very active in his son’s scouting activities, having enjoyed scouting himself as a kid and reaching the rank of Eagle. During his time living in the Caribbean, he also learned how to scuba dive and really enjoyed the night dives he got to go on. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get to go golfing as much as he’d like, but he enjoys walloping his brother during the annual summer tournament in Michigan when they try to get in 100+ holes.Most recently, Dr. Hosek has started training for the next season on American Ninja Warrior along with staff members Mason and Carmen. They hope to stand at the top of Mount Midoriyama together.

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